College Matters

A College complaint or investigation is a significant matter and can have a permanent impact on your record and reputation. The range of outcomes that is public and permanent is broader than it has ever been.

The College’s mandate and role is to protect the public, not assist the professional in understanding the process or in defending him or herself. Anything said to the College can be used against you and early mis-steps can have a serious impact on the outcome. Therefore, it is better to seek out legal advice and assistance as soon as you become aware of a College issue from lawyers whose only duty and responsibility is to you.

Our firm does not act for any health College – we only act for individual health professionals.

Valerie Wise has been defending health professionals in College matters for over 25 years and defends members at many hearings – both contested and uncontested. Because we do a significant volume of this type of work at numerous Colleges, we have the expertise and experience to help you understand what is happening and what you can expect. We keep you updated and involved and work with you to develop the best strategy possible in the circumstances. 

We assist and defend health care professionals in all aspects of their interactions with their College including:

  • Complaints
  • Registrar’s Investigations
  • Fitness to Practice Matters
  • Discipline Hearings
  • Registration Matters
  • Quality Assurance Matters

If your College has already rendered a decision, and you would like to appeal or seek a review, clickhere.